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A nonprofit leader by day and a dance enthusiast and documentary film producer by night, I am passionate about making a difference. As a French social and cultural entrepreneur who grew up in South Korea and China, I strive to bring game-changing ideas to life through strategic funding partnerships, creativity, and artistic efforts. My hope is to unleash transformational impact and help women, men, and children living in poverty have a better life.

In 2010, I joined CEO and co-founders Gary White and Matt Damon, and the remarkable team at this global non-profit, to build a $60 million portfolio of strategic funding partnerships to scale a microfinance initiative called WaterCredit. Today WaterCredit has helped more than 11 million people living in poverty to gain access to safe drinking water and sanitation. In 2017, we launched WaterEquity - an impact investment manager - to accelerate our impact and harness the power of global capital markets. WaterEquity invests in high-growth enterprises serving the water and sanitation needs of the poor, including schools and hospitals. 

Prior to and WaterEquity, I built strategic partnerships for the World Bank and entrepreneurial organizations such as the Global Give Back Circle and the Clinton Global Initiative, meeting women and vulnerable communities throughout Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. This includes producing a documentary film on the World Bank’s community development programs in Cambodia, along with overseeing an education project for street children and migrants in Thailand.

Throughout my journey and studies at the London School of Economics, my love of music and dance has never faded. Training in contemporary, hip hop, and street jazz dance in France, South Korea, China, and the US has continued to fuel my creative and entrepreneurial spirit. Dance has a unique way of bringing people from different origins, cultures, religions, and nationalities together, creating a strong sense of community and empathy. The humility, courage, and creativity that transpires through one's journey with dance has inspired me to push past boundaries, problem-solve differently, and forge innovative partnerships that can unleash long-term social change. To learn more about my background, here is a link to my Linked In profile. Twitter: @Alix-Ines, Instagram: @alixineslebec


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