Innovative business models, philanthropy and impact investing. Dance as a force for social change. These are the areas I am passionate about. For more than 14 years, I've had the privilege to shape impactful organizations including the World Bank, Global Give Back Circle,, and now WaterEquity - the world's first impact investment manager dedicated to accelerating universal access to safe water and sanitation. More specifically with and WaterEquity, I have been at the forefront of driving blended finance models to help end the water crisis in our lifetime.

What is my area of expertise? Forging innovative philanthropic and investment partnerships, alongside developing strategic plans and high impact teams to help build entrepreneurial organizations. A French national with a German mother, I grew up in Paris, South Korea, and China and travelled throughout Asia during my childhood. This opened my eyes to the world. It drove my commitment to challenge the status quo. I think being an entrepreneur and optimist, and a little bit of a rebel is in my DNA.

My work and the visionary leaders I've partnered with have propelled me in exciting directions, enabling me to work in a variety of areas including micro finance, post-conflict education and refugees, the global water crisis, and impact investing. With the World Bank in Southeast Asia, I led a documentary film project in Cambodia and an education initiative for street children and migrants in Thailand. This exposed me first hand to social injustices affecting underserved communities. These experiences, alongside supporting an education initiative for adolescent girls in Kenya, and building a $71 million portfolio of philanthropic and investment partnerships at have shaped my passion towards creating a more inclusive society.

Today, I oversee WaterEquity's capital raising efforts, alongside strategy, investor relations, and communications. During my ongoing journey with and WaterEquity, I have collaborated with an inspiring community of change-makers disrupting the world of philanthropy and impact investing to reverse the tides of global inequality.

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